Voron 2.4


350 X 350 X 280mm Print Volume
Ocotopus V1.1 Main Control Board
TMC 2209 Silent Stepper Drivers
RPI 4, 2Gb ram
High Quality motors in all axis
Wiring – 24AWG & 20AGW Teflon Wires
750W AC bed heater
Gates 6mm belts for XY
Gates 9mm belt for Z
Pheatus Dragon HF Hotend with Bontech Solex 0.6 Nozzle
PEI Powder Coated Spring Steel Sheet and Smooth PEI Sheet
MIC6 -Fermi-labs  Aluminum Bed
Acrylic sheets Enclosure
High Quality linear rails MGN12 for all axis, 5015 GDS Part Cooling Fan
4.3 or 5Inch Touch Screen, With USB G-code Transfer


The Voron V2.4 is a modified CoreXY design with a static bed and a gantry that moves along the Z axis. It is a much more complex build because it includes things such as 4-point gantry tramming to align to the print surface, dual MCUs, and other unique features. It is also designed to be fully enclosed so it prints ABS or similar filaments very well. Due to the linear rails the design is scalable in stock form from 250^3 and 300^3 all the way up to 350^3. More linear rails, larger print surface, and other V2.4-specific items make this printer more expensive.

Additional information

Machine Model

Economy Build 350 * 350 * 350, Mid Range 350 * 350 * 350, Top Range 350 * 350 * 350


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