Mercury One – 350mm ( Core XY Linear Rails)


Printable Bed Size in 350 x 350 – XY , 400 In Z Direction

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Features and modification

Featured Core XY Kinematics with precision MGN 12 Linear Rails
Advanced 5 Inch HMI Touch Display Screen control for the 3D printer
Remote printing and monitoring using camera
High temperature All metal Hotend – Phaetus Dragon Fly BMS
Direct drive extruder with Dual BMG Gears with and Proper cable management
Fine tuned Auto Bed leveling using BL touch and Gantry Tramming
Fine tuned and calibrated printer with maximum Accuracy
Custom High speed Firmware Updation
Invisible Led Light illumination
Premium Temperature controlled filament holder for Moisture sensitive filaments
Powerful turbo 5015 Part cooling fan and Ducts.
SKR Mini Turbo Mother Board with Silent stepper Driver for optimal high speed printing
Enclosure for Temperature sensitive Materials.


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