PT1000 Thermistor Cartridge


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Trianglelab Thermistor Cartridge PT1000 for v6 hotend v6 heater block Maximum support to 450 degrees for Volcano heater block.
Trianglelab Thermistor Cartridge PT1000 Upto 450 degrees.
*Compatible V6 Heater Block(NEW)
*Compatible Volcano Heater Block

PT1000 sensors are able to measure higher temperatures than thermistors – up to 400°C and are more accurate than both thermistors and thermocouples in general.
PT1000 sensors can directly replace the thermistors in your printer without adding an amplifier board like PT100’s sensors.
but with the default 4.7K pullup resister on board, you will get lower resolution than other sensors.
PT1000 sensors are compatible with most firmware in the field.
PT1000 sensors are potentially a good cost and performance compromise between thermistors and PT100 sensors.
If you want to release the potential abilities of the PT1000 sensors, you need to replace the 4.7Kpullup resister of the thermistor pins with a 1K 0.1% resister.

Technical Details:
The operating temperature range is 0-450 degrees
Metal cartridge dimension 3mm diameter 15mm length
Lead 1Meter length fibreglass High-temperature resistant wire
Resistance Value Chart 1C PT1000:


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