UniFormation GKtwo 10.3” 8K Resin Printer


  • Product Size:350*315*H455mm 13.7*12.4*18in
  • Package Size:445*420*550mm 18*16.5*21.6in
  • Package Weight:20kg
  • Printing Volume:228*128*H245mm
  • Exposure time: 2-3s/layer(0.05mm)
  • Technology:Photocuring LCD
  • Wavelength Range:402.5-405nm
  • File Transfer:USB
  • Software System:windows7(64 bit)and above
  • Slicing Software: Chitubox; Gktwo Slicer
  • UI Operation:5’’ Touch screen
  • File Format:STL
  • HD Resolution:7680*4320
  • XY Resolution: 29.6μm
  • Printing Tolerance:±0.1mm(L≤100mm)±0.1% xL(L>100mm)
  • Layer Height:0.03、0.05、0.1mm
  • Resin Vat Capacity:0.7kg
  • Voltage:110/220V(Depends on the voltage in your area)


UniFormation GKtwo 10.3&
UniFormation GKtwo 10.3&
UniFormation GKtwo 10.3&
UniFormation GKtwo 10.3&
UniFormation GKtwo 10.3&
UniFormation GKtwo 10.3&
UniFormation GKtwo 10.3&

UniFormation GKtwo 10.3&

10.3” Larger Build Volume

UniFormation GKtwo 3D resin printer has a larger build volume than most resin printers currently on the market at 10.3” (228*128*245mm).

8K Monochrome Screen

GKtwo resin printer adopts a matrix parallel light source with HD resolution 7680*4320 and the XY resolution is 29.6 microns. Additionally, the upgraded anti-scratch film on the LCD helps to protect the screen from any accidental resin leakage

Built-in Heating System

Have you ever had to stop printing due to dropping winter temperatures? Well then, we have you covered, the GKtwo uses built-in PTC ceramic heating technology, to warm up the printer to 95 ℉ in 8 mins if the existing ambient temperature is 50 ℉. There are 3 temperatures settings(77℉,86℉,95℉)(25°C,30°C,35°C) for choosing. Moreover, the real-time temperature will be displayed on the LCD Screen.

Odor Removal Filter

UniFormation GKtwo’s unique odor purification circulatory system uses honeycomb carbon filters the machine absorbs most of the harmful odor normally associated with resin printing. However, should you be printing constantly and for long periods of time it is recommended to replace the filters every 15 days for optimal air purity.

Flip-up Cover

Compared to most printers, GKtwo has a vertical flip-up cover designed for a small or large home, office, or print farm space, which allows for neatly positioned side-by-side printing while not taking up much-needed space in your printing area, providing efficient simple yet high-quality printing.

Quick Release Design

With a quick-release design, no more screwing, you can slide out the build plate or the resin vat and lift out within 2 seconds, saving you time


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