Creality High Speed K1 3D Printer


  1.  600mm/s Max Speed
  2.  20000mm/s² Acceleration
  3.  32mm³/s Max Flow Hotend
  4.  Hands-free Auto Leveling
  5.  Self-test with One Tap
  6.  Solve Ringing with G-sensor
  7.  Unibody Die-cast Frame
  8.  Auxiliary Cooling Fan in Chamber


Creality 1644426 001Experience the future of 3D printing with the Creality High-Speed Printing K1 3D Printer. Boasting an astonishing maximum speed of 600mm/s, this cutting-edge printer redefines rapid prototyping and creative production. Say goodbye to tedious leveling adjustments; the hands-free auto-leveling feature ensures your prints maintain impeccable precision without the hassle.

Creality High Speed Printing K1 3D Printer

Crafted for meticulous engineering, the Creality K1 guarantees unparalleled accuracy and intricate detailing, thanks to its incorporation of top-tier components. The expansive build area grants you the freedom to materialize large-scale projects or multiple designs in one go. Navigating through the printing process is effortless via the intuitive interface, designed to streamline operations for beginners and experts alike.

Creality High Speed Printing K1 3D Printer

Embrace the luxury of a quieter workspace as the K1 employs advanced noise reduction technology during its printing process. Moreover, this printer’s versatility extends to its compatibility with various filament types and 3D design formats, making every creative vision achievable.

Creality High Speed Printing K1 3D Printer

Reliability is at the core of the Creality K1, promising consistent performance and unwavering quality. Elevate your 3D printing endeavors with a tool engineered to bring your imagination to life with speed, precision, and innovation.

Note: For more details go through the Manual in the attachment section.


  1. Blazing Speed: Print at a stunning max speed of 600mm/s for quicker results.
  2. Hands-free Auto Leveling: Effortlessly ensure perfect prints every time.
  3. Precision Engineering: High-quality components for accurate and detailed creations.
  4. Spacious Build Area: Accommodate larger projects with the generous printing space.
  5. Intuitive Interface: User-friendly controls make operation seamless.
  6. Quiet Printing: Advanced noise reduction technology for a quieter workspace.
  7. Wide Compatibility: Print using various filament types and 3D design formats.
  8. Reliable Performance: Trust in the durability and consistency of Creality technology.

Package Includes:

1 x K1 3D Printer
1 x User Manual


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