TaiChi Hotend


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Integrated double feed port design

one – hand nozzle changing

0.25mm thin-walled heat break

High temperature resistance


1. Integrated double feed port design, meet the printing needs of two filaments, eliminate the hidden trouble of inaccurate leveling, and make leveling more convenient than ever.

2. Titanium alloy supporting screws with high strength and very low heat conduction, meet the function of one – handed nozzle changing and ensure the low heat conduction.

3. Conical designed all metal heatbreak, fit closely with heatsink, heat dissipation more sufficient, meet the requirements of high temperature filaments printing.

4. 0.25mm wall thickness heatbreak, excellent performance of heat insulation, no filaments blocking.

5. Copper plated / Hardened steel nozzles selection, meet the requirements of high temperature and wear – resistant filaments printing.


Seamlessly adapted to Creality Ender & CR series models
Other models can be adapted after modifying


Compatible with all thermoplastic filaments, including but not limited to typical composite fiber filaments such as PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PP, PC, PA, PEEK, PEI and PLA-CF、ABS-CF、PETG-CF、PA-CF/GF, as well as composite filaments such as steel, wood, boron carbide, tungsten and fluorescence


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